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Last week was very bitter-sweet. No, not because it was the last week of 2014. No, last week was very bitter-sweet because it was the last week that one of my best friends and I would work together in our current ministry positions.

For the past sixteen year, Clifford Suddeth and I have worked hand in hand at Mile Straight Baptist Church. Clifford served as our Executive Pastor & Youth Pastor, while I served as Worship & Children’s Pastor. He joined the staff in 1998 & I in 1999. We have served through some great times and we have served through some hard times, but through it all he has remained a great friend and a faithful servant of God.

ClipSo how could this last week of us working together be sweet? Well, I am glad you asked!

This is why – Clip, Mary & Isaac Suddeth have answer the call to “go into all the world” and become missionaries. Just how awesome is that!! They will primarily be serving in Latin & Central America.

For the past several years, Clip has had a heart for discipleship and to reach & teach those who know Christ but don’t have a full knowledge of HIM.

There is an incredible need to teach and disciple pastors, and God has given us the opportunity to be involved in His kingdom through this ministry. We are honored to serve God by serving pastors, their families, their churches, their communities, and ultimately the world.

Clifford Suddeth, II

As much as I am going to miss working with Clip and having Mary & Isaac around, I know that God has some great work for them to accomplish for HIS glory.

I am asking you to pray for them as they begin this incredible journey! To find out more information about what they are doing, you can visit

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Lebanon High School Principal Kevin Lowery can be seen on a 3-minute YouTube clip reminding graduates that the nation’s motto of “In God We Trust” can be found on U.S. currency and in Francis Scott Key’s original version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Lowery also wryly noted during the May 23 commencement that even though “God is reflected in the very fabric” of the nation, it would be inappropriate to mention The Almighty at a secular ceremony.

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Alan Hirsch says, “…Folks, Christianity without Christ: dangerous, toxic, evil even…It’s non-sense and it’s dangerous stuff. Who wants Christianity without Christ? And the only way you get Christianity with Christ is to do discipleship, because that’s how Christ gets into us.”

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Don’t worry, this is not a story of my entire life – so you can keep reading!

In the fall of 2011, I had the opportunity to take a missions trip to Panama City, Panama. During this trip, I was able to see things that I never thought that I would ever get to see. God used this trip to change me in many ways.

One of the coolest things that happened to me on this trip is shown in the picture below:

The "Boats"

Let me explain. Our missions trip took us to different parts of Panama, with one of those being a village that sits right on the Chagres river. The only way of getting to this village was by boat (and when I say a boat, I mean a tree trunk that had been carved out to resemble a canoe). Our trip took us 45 minutes deep into the Jungles of Panama! What an incredible experience, but most of all, what an incredible opportunity I had to take  God’s Word to these people.

When we got to the village, we were greeted warmly by the people and were escorted to the hut where we could drop our gear and get ready for our teaching time. As we were introducing ourselves to the villagers, one of the missionaries, Marianella, was holding a little child that had just been born a few weeks before our arrival. She told us that even though the child was several weeks old, they still had not named the child. I, very jokingly, told them that they should name the baby “Jason”. I said that it was an excellent name for such a cute kid – but of course I was partial.

We continued to unpack and our teaching time came and went. We were then escorted up the hill to the church and lunch was served. After several hours, as we were preparing to leave the village, Marianella came up to me and said that she would like to introduce me to someone. I was taken to the same hut where we first met everyone and there given the incredible news!

They decided to name the little boy with no name – JASON! How cool is that!

Below is a more recent picture of Marianella & Jason!

Please pray for David & Marianella Bueno, missionaries in Panama City, as they reach into these remote villages. Pray that these people would come to know Christ. I also ask that you specifically pray for Jason that one day he will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior as well!