I started leading worship in 1999 and soon learned that most people are very passionate about music, especially music inside the church. You can ask 100 people their style of music or thoughts on music and you will more than likely get 100 different answers.

Music stirs the heart! I once heard a worship leader say that his job was to present the songs in such a way that the music would break down the wall surrounding the hearts of those listening so that when the pastor delivered God’s Word it would penetrate their hearts.

Music is very powerful.

A few days ago, I was reading a blog where another worship leader presented this question, “What are the top five songs that touch your heart?” He was talking about songs that we all know well but are very meaningful in our lives. I thought I would try my best to put together a list of songs that, each time I sing them, continue to speak to me. It has now been several days since I started this process and I still have not been able to dwindle my list down to my top five.

This started me thinking of what other people’s “top five” would be, leave a comment and let me know…

One thought on “Top five songs that touch your heart

  1. Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Sweet Sweet Sprit, Without Him I would be Nothing, Old Rugged Cross. These are mine right off the top of my head. These songs speak to my heart so much. Thanks for asking that question Jason.


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