Today is March 1, and that means that “March Madness” is right around the corner. It is one of the best times in college sports. Teams have battled all season long for a chance to appear in the “Big Dance”. It is just plain awesome!

Two post back I posed the question, “What are your top 5 christian songs that touch your heart?” It was very hard for me to trim all of mine down to just five. A friend of mine from college now works with Lifeway Music in Nashville, TN, and he and his company are in the process of putting together a 16 song bracket of worship leader’s favorite songs to sing in church. So, I thought this would be fun to see how the people of the church would vote. Here is your chance to vote for your favorite Christian song. This can be a hymn, chorus or even a song that is not sung in your church.

Below you will find a form that you can vote for your favorite song. You can vote one time a day up until March 9. If you want to vote for a different song each day, that is fine…just make sure you vote! On March 10 all of the votes will be tallied and the top 16 songs will be placed in a bracket to see what our voters favorite songs are. Feel free to pass this site on to other people for them to vote as well.

The 16 song-bracket will be revealed on March 12th…so place your vote now.

Nominations are now closed!


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