Christmas Music MadnessThe 2012 Christmas Music Madness began on November 12 with two weeks of nominations from my viewers of their favorite Christmas songs. After the two weeks, the nominations were totaled and the top 16 songs were placed into a 16 team bracket.

Over the last several weeks, people have been voting for their favorite song in each pairing and today we announce the final two songs and the voting begins!

The Final Four Totals: Winners in bold

#1: Mary, Did You Know – 51 votes (61%) | #12: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – 32 votes (39%)

#3: Silent Night – 54 votes (56%) | #10 – Little Drummer Boy – 42 votes (44%)

The voting in the Finals begin today and will close on Saturday, December 22. The winner will be announced on Christmas Day! To make the winner a surprise, the running totals will not be posted during this week.



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