3 LiesA few days ago, I came across an article entitled “Lies You Might Believe” from Lifeway.com. It told a story about a lady named Lisa Willoughby, who helped with her church’s VBS because she remembered the crafts she made as a child. The story continued to explain that this same lady is known as the “VBS Lady” at her church.

“If I can reach one child, then what I do matters. Knowing that children may remember their time with us and give their lives to Christ fuels my passion for VBS,” Lisa says.

The article then turned to say that there are 3 lies that keep most people from serving in the church. They are as follows:

  • Nobody wants what I have to offer
  • Leadership is a long-term commitment
  • Doing ministry isn’t fun

The article’s purpose is to debunk these lies and to help encourage more people to be a part of the ministries that are offered in their church.

Each and every one of us can make a difference in this world and in our church if we are just willing to get involved!

I want to hear from you about reasons you have heard, or maybe even given yourself, about why people don’t want to get involved in the ministries of the church.

Let me know…


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