Slide1Over the past few weeks, a friend of mine has been posting pictures on his Facebook page of how he serves in our church (thanks Will Wasdin!). He will hashtag the picture with “#howiserve”.

What a cool idea! I love to see people volunteering or serving in the church for the glory of God. But this got me thinking, how do other people serve in their churches?

So here is what I want to know – how do you “iServe”? Not everyone can be the preaching, or the piano player or a Bible study leader but God has given each of us something that can add to the church – for HIS glory.

So tell me – how do you serve? Leave a comment below and let me know! If you leave a comment on Facebook, post a picture to tweet about it, be sure to add the hashtag #howiserve.

2 thoughts on “How Do you “iServe”?

  1. As the pastor of my church, I am the one who preaches the Word on (most) Sunday mornings. However, before I became a full time preacher, I served in the children’s ministry and youth ministry in the churches I attended, doing kids camps, youth camps, and even occasionally helping out on the church worship team. I love serving!


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