CMM Nominations BannerThe Christmas Movie Madness has begun! Starting today, you can nominate your favorite Christmas movie one time per day for 20 days. (This does include those 30 minute mini-movies like “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” and “Frosty The Snowman”) On November 25, the top 16 teams will be placed in a brackets to compete against each other to see what is your favorite Christmas movie. Come and enjoy the fun and join in on the CHRISTMAS MOVIE MADNESS!


2 thoughts on “THE MADNESS HAS BEGUN!

  1. Okay … I technically want to list half a dozen, but they are all the same story making it only one suggestion:
    A Christmas Carol
    My top three of “A Christmas Carol” are (in chronological order):
    1) with George C. Scott
    2) with Patrick Stewart
    3) animated with Jim Carrey

    I also like “A Muppet Christmas Carol”, Doctor Who’s Christmas special that was a different take on the story (with the 11th Doctor on another planet in the future), Disney’s rendition with Scrooge McDuck and Mickey Mouse, and pretty much all of the live action films. I even enjoyed “Scrooged” with Bill Murray!


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