CMM - Sweet SixteenThis morning the top 16 movies are revealed and the voting process begins. Here is how this works…

1. The top 16 teams are placed into a bracket format where #1 takes on #16; #2 goes up against #15, and so on until all of the movies are paired up against another one.

2. You will have this week to vote for your favorite movie in each pairing.

3. You can only vote one time per day, so be sure to use your votes wisely and come back each day to vote again.

4. At the end of the week, the top 8 teams will move on to the second round in the Elite 8 and the process of voting begins again next Monday.

Got it? So, now the time you have been waiting for.

VIEW THE SWEET SIXTEEN AND START VOTING! – CLOSED! (You can get to this page later in the week by click on the Christmas Movie Madness: The Sweet Sixteen” picture on the home page or by clicking on the Christmas Movie Madness on the top menu bar)


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