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I am continuing to read from David Platt’s book “Follow Me”, and today I came across these statements:

Why are so many supposed Christians sitting on the sidelines of the church, maybe even involved in the machinery of the church, but not wholeheartedly, passionately, sacrificially, and joyfully giving their lives to making disciples of all nations? Could it be because so many people in the church have settled for superficial religion instead of supernatural regeneration?

Platt goes on to say:

If Christianity merely consists of a list of dutiful dos and don’ts on top of principles to believe and practices to observe – many of which are similar to every other religion – then we don’t have much to share with the world.

Further, if being a Christian is merely a matter of superficial religion, then no amount of persuasion will convince us that we need to step out of our comfort zones, alter our priorities, sacrifice our possessions, risk our reputations, and potentially even lose our lives to share Christ with others. We have every reason to sit back in a privatized faith that works well and doesn’t impose upon the people around us (much less around the world). A superficial approach to Christianity always results in a spectator mentality in the church.

However, if Christianity involves supernatural regeneration whereby the God of the universe reaches down his hand of mercy into the depths of our souls, forgives us of all our sin, and fills us with his Spirit, then a spectator mentality is spiritually inconceivable.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Are you living a life full of rules and obligations because you have to?
  2. Are you working on your “list”?
  3. Are you willing to “alter our priorities” to share Christ with others?
  4. Have you truly given your life to Christ and ask HIM to be Lord of all?


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