Yesterday was a horrible day for Chattanooga! Yesterday was a horrible day for America! We see story after story about terrorism and sometimes we just think it is not really happening. But when I turned on the news yesterday and saw streets & buildings that I see on a normal basic become the backdrop for this kind of violence, it hits way to close to home.

No gunsThe reason for this post is to ask you to consider signing the petition below. This petition is to allow Military Service members that are properly licensed to carry concealed weapons and handguns on military installations.

Back in 1991-1992, Congress made the decision to take guns away from these locations. As you well know, our country has changed and we face new threats each and every day. It’s time to give these military service members back he guns for their (and our) protection.

You can find the petition here – Sign The Petition Here!

It is time to let our voice be heard and allow our men and women in uniform to do what they do best – protect this great land of our!

Be sure and sign the petition and then be sure to verify your email address. Your signature will not count until you verify your address. Please share this post or the petition online with all of your friends and family. In order for the White House to even consider this petition, 99,752 are needed.

It is time for our voice to be heard!

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