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I am currently reading through the book “Big Truths for Young Hearts” by Bruce A. Ware. Bruce is a professor of Christian theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The reason he wrote this book was to impart “big truths” to his daughters. He would put them to bed and talk about these subjects, but put them in a language that even a small child would understand. After this daughters were grown, they earned him to compile all of these big truths and put them in book form.

Two great “big truths” that he started off with are “God is God from Us” & “God is God with Us”. Let me explain, or better yet, read what Bruce wrote:

BIG TRUTH: God is God from Us

God is God – completely and perfectly – without anything in the world helping God to be God.

Indeed, God is great – so great that nothing could add to his greatness. And the greatness of God – the fact that he possesses within himself everything that is good and wise and perfect – indicates to us just how much we should honor him as God and depend on him for all that we need. We should be humbled before this great and mighty God, realizing that while we can give nothing to him that he doesn’t already have, he has everything that we need. Our hearts should long to praise this God and to live in dependence upon him. Yes, indeed, God deserves nothing less.

BIG TRUTH: God is God with Us

Even though God is fully God apart from us and apart from the whole creation that he has made, the Bible also teaches that God is a God who is with us. We must first realize that God didn’t need to create this world or to create us. So, we are not here to fill some supposed emptiness in God or because God needs us somehow to help him out. Second, we must remember that after God created us, we turned against him, rejected his goodness and wanted to live our lives our own way. Because we have sinned against God, we deserve to be rejected by God, not accepted by him.

So, it really is amazing and wonderful that even though God doesn’t need us, and even though we have turned away from God in our sin, God comes to us, makes himself know to us, and desires to give himself fully to us. While God is fully God apart from us, amazingly, God is also a God who has chosen to be with us.

Why has he chosen to do this? Has he come because he needs something from us? No, rather God sees that we need something – everything! – from him. God chooses to come to those who are humble before him, “to revive the spirit of the lowly, and to review the heart of the contrite.” In other words, God comes to us not so we can fill up some emptiness in God (there is none), but so he can fill up the huge emptiness in us. Even though God doesn’t need us, he loves us, and he wants us to receive from him all of the goodness, blessing, and the joy that he has for those who will be humble and dependent before him.

Praise the Lord that he is God from us and that he is God with us!

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