Points To Ponder

Whether you want to call it brokenness, radical corruptness, fallenness, or total depravity, the Bible affirms our total sinfulness. We may want to avoid the above labels, but we must embrace what the Bible clearly communicates. To shy away from Scripture’s teaching on our sinfulness is to ignore clear biblical truth.

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My son was in trouble, again.

It was a pretty good day, but it went downhill. He was running down the hallway with his sister, except she wasn’t running fast enough. Since she was in front of him he decided to “move” her. She cried. I yelled. Then sent him to his room. After feeling guilty for yelling in anger, I found him in his room, facedown on his bed, crying. I’m stupid, he said. I never make good decisions. I always do the wrong thing. She’s always so nice to me and I always hurt her. But I can’t help it!

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David wrote this Psalm when Saul was seeking his life (1 Sam. 19). Knowing that Saul had a hit out on David, led David’s friends to tell him to flee to the mountains. It was his only hope of safety. The society was corrupt. The judges in the king’s pocket. Everyone was against David and out for his life. If he wanted to survive, he needed to leave and never come back.

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