Points To Ponder


It appears that the American system is rigged. That our country’s laws are only for the “little people,” but not for blue-blood political royalty. So why should everyday Americans bother to be involved in the political process, if it’s so obviously corrupt? Why should we even care anymore?

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Chief Anton prepared for his journey. It would take him 8 days to travel downriver in his dugout canoe, so he would need some basic supplies – water and some food. He set out alone.

Many days later, the chief found himself in the village of San Antonio. He asked around and found the house of the missionary. He arrived at the house and with his very limited Portuguese said, “I have come to learn about God”.

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Times of tragedy are difficult for everyone. We all want to think our world and environments we live in are safe, secure, and happy. However, when unexpected disasters occur we’re often left without understanding.

Tragedies can be natural calamities (such as tornadoes or hurricanes). Other times, we face what appear to be untimely accidents or deaths of loved ones. Still yet, there are catastrophes caused by evil-doing.

As much as we want to safeguard our children against such grim situations, they often hear the news events from friends or through the media. As always, parents need to temper explanations given to children according to the child’s age level of understanding.

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