Several weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled  Trusting God in the Middle of Political TurmoilI talked about how Habakkuk came to the realization that God was sovereign and in control of everything, even when we think everything is falling part. This conclusion was reached only after he had questioned God’s justice, but in the end realized his justice is far beyond  our comprehension.

Today, I want to continue talking about the prophet Habakkuk and give you 4 takeaways from this book that I believe we all can learn from and put into practice.

Takeaway #1: God is just and merciful, even though his people may not always understand his ways (2:4)

  • This goes back to the overall point of Habakkuk that God is sovereign and in control of everything! We must wait patiently for God’s plan to unfold and to believe that God will accomplish it.

Takeaway #2: Wickedness will eventually be punished, and the righteous will ultimately see God’s justice (2:5-20)

  • God has given us HIS promise that He will punish the wicked but it will be in HIS time – not our!

Takeaway #3: God uses some wicked nations to punish other wicked nations, but ultimately God will judge all nations (1:6 & 2:5-20)

  • God was the one that “raised up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, who marched through the breadth of the earth, to seize dwellings not their own”. God used the Chaldeans to begin to punish Judah.

Takeaway #4: The key phrase “but the righteous will live by faith” summarizes the path of life God sets for his people. (2:4).

  • The kind of faith that Habakkuk describes is continuing trust in God and clinging to God’s promises, even in the darkest days.

* Takeaways were taken from the ESV Study Bible

One thought on “4 Takeaways from Habakkuk

  1. Jason, Just love your postings. …so many words to learn by and I find them to be encouraging. Also, I enjoy browsing your “current reads.” Thank you for your encouraging “helps;” they bring such light to the Truth. Your postings must take a lot of your time but they are a true blessing to me and I am sure to many others. Thank you. Paul



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