Points To Ponder

Right and Wrong Approaches to Countering Culture

by Radical

When some Christians hear about countering culture, they resonate with the idea that we need to take a stand against certain sins in our day—materialism, sexual immorality, a disdain for human life, etc. Other Christians hear about countering culture and they worry that it’s a call to put up your fists, vote for a certain political candidate, or become antagonistic toward your unbelieving neighbors. Sometimes the difference between these two groups can be seen in whether one views the culture as the enemy or as the mission field.

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How Youth Like Me Learn Expressive Individualism

by The Gospel Coalition

Kids today are growing up in a compulsively connected world. Information is incessant, smartphones are ubiquitous, and with a click or a tap young people have 24/7 access to a never-ending digital conversation.

Of course, such connectivity comes at a cost. Much of this information is pumped out by an agenda-driven media with a message of their own—a message that sounds good, nice even, but is inherently poisonous. It is becoming louder, stronger, and constant. And young people are drinking it in.

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Why Do We Give Up On Bible Reading?

by Desiring God

So you’ve committed to reading the Bible again this year. Praise God.

Maybe this is something new for you, one of your resolutions for the New Year. Or maybe you’re a seasoned, veteran reader, just hoping to maintain the patterns God has blessed over many years now.

However much or little you have read in the past, though, will not change what’s going to happen soon, probably even sometime in the next week. Maybe it’s happened already. You’ll sit down for your time in the word, spend half an hour in Genesis or Deuteronomy or Psalms or Romans, close the book, and have no idea what to do with what you just read.

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How Well To You Know Your Hymns? (A Quiz)

by Tim Challies

As Christians, we are blessed with a long legacy of great hymns. As contemporary Christians, we are blessed with many modern-day hymn writers who are carrying on the art. So how well do you know your hymns and their authors? This little quiz is designed to find out!

Take the Quiz!

If you take the Hymn quiz, please come back and leave a comment on just how well you did! 


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