Our first Worship Wednesday for 2021 begins with a song that I absolutely love. The melody is easy to sing and the words are incredible. It is also a wonderful reminder to all of us of who is in control of everything. The name of the song is “Ancient of Days”. No, not that “Ancient of Days”, but a new song from CityAlight with the same name.

The chorus goes:

None above Him, none before Him
All of time in His hands
For His throne it shall remain and ever stand
All the power, all the glory
I will trust in His name
For my God is, the Ancient of Days

A look into the book of Daniel 7 gives us the reference of Ancient of Days. The following information is given from my ESV Study Bible…

The Ancient of Days, God himself, sat on the central throne. His clothing was white as snow, representing uncompromising and radiant purity; his hair was as white as pure wool, symbolizing the wisdom that comes with great age. His chariot-throne was flaming with fire and its wheels were ablaze, images of the divine warrior’s fearsome power to destroy his enemy. A stream of fire flowed out from before him, and he was surrounded by myriads upon myriads of angelic attendants. (referencing Daniel 7:9-12)

The scene depicts in powerful imagery a judge who has the wisdom to sort out right from wrong, the purity to persistently choose the right, and the power to enforce his judgements.

With all of the craziness that is happening in the world right now, this song gives us a great reminder that no matter what happens, God is still sovereign and in control!

Verse 1 says:

Though the nations rage
Kingdoms rise and fall
There is still one King
Reigning over all
So I will not fear for this truth remains:
That my God is the Ancient of Days

I hope you enjoy “Ancient of Days” by CityAlight.


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