Christmas Music Madness – Elite 8

Well, this is why we call it Christmas Music “MADNESS”! Last week during the Sweet 16 round of voting, we saw two huge upsets. The #1 & #3 ranked teams went down in defeat.

So, who is moving on to the Final Four? It’s up to you! Start voting today and remember that you can vote every three hours.

I have hid the results this round so create a little more anticipate for the Final Four.


Christmas Music Madness – Sweet 16

Christmas - Sweet 16

The top 16 nominated songs from last week are now set and the voting begins today. The song with the most number of nominations will be seated first; the second song with the most nominations will be seated second until all of the songs have been set into the 16 team bracket.

Because of getting a late start and only have several days to vote, you will be able to vote every three hours on all of the polls. Be sure and vote for your favorite song in each pairing. The songs that have been nominated with specific artist, I have linked them to a youtube video for you to listen or watch.

So, here they are, the top 16 songs nominated (from #1 – #16)

  1. Little Drummer Boy
  2. Mary, Did You Know?
  3. “Noel” – Lauren Daigle
  4. O Holy Night
  5. “Mary, Did You Know?” – Pentatonix
  6. Silent Night
  7. “White Chritmas” – Bing Crosby
  8. “All Is Well” – Michael W. Smith & Carrie Underwood
  9. “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” – Casting Crowns
  10. “Christmas Day” – Michael W. Smith & Mandisa 
  11. Joy To The World
  12. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  14. Let It Snow
  15. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  16. Strange Way To Save The World

Remember you can vote every three (3) hours for your favorite song in each pairing. After the voting for the Sweet 16 is over, the winners will move on to the Elite 8.

Have fun voting and be sure to share this with your friends and family!

The Christmas Music Madness Is Back!

Christmas Music Madness

In 2012, I hosted the first Christmas Music Madness here on my blog and we all had so much fun. It has been three years since the first one and it is time to do it again. There are so many new Christmas songs that have come out in the past three years and plus I have a lot of new followers to my blog. I hope that you will play along with this and have fun!

Here is what the Christmas Music Madness 2015 is all about. It is to find my reader’s favorite Christmas song – secular or religious. Once nominations are over, I will place the songs in a 16 team bracket for a battle to the end and to be crowned the Christmas Music Madness Champion.

Here is how it works. There will be one week of nominations of your favorite Christmas song. You can nominate one song per day – each day or you can nominate a different song each day – every day. It is that simple.

After the week of nominations are over, I will calculate the votes and the song with the most number of nominations goes into the #1 spot in the bracket. The top 16 songs nominated will be placed in the bracket and move on into the Sweet 16 Round.

The following is the schedule for the Christmas Music Madness 2015:

Nomination Week: November 26 – December 4
The Sweet 16: December 6 – December 11
The Elite 8: December 13 – December 18
The Final Four: December 20 – December 25
The Finals: December 26th – December 31
The Christmas Music Madness 2015 Champion crowned: January 1, 2016

So, quick review – from November 26 – December 4, you can submit one song per day of your favorite Christmas song (be sure to come back each day). After nominations are closed and tallied, the brackets will be set and the voting will being on December 6. You can then vote for your song one time each day. The song with the most votes will move on to the next round until we have eliminated all of the songs except one – the Christmas Music Madness 2015 Champion!

Let the MADNESS begin – Nominate your song here!

New Words Added To 2014 Dictionary

Merriam-Webster-dictionar-002Our world is ever evolving and changing. You have heard the statement, “There are only two things for certain in this life: death and taxes”. Well, I would like to add a third, crazy words being added to the dictionary.

Here are a few of the over 150 words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary this year.

  • Auto-Tune: to adjust or alter (a recording of a voice) with Auto-Tune software or other audio-editing software esp. to correct sung notes that are out of tune
  • dubstep: a type of electronic dance music having prominent bass lines and syncopated drum patterns
  • baby bump: the enlarged abdomen of a pregnant woman
  • catfish: a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes
  • crowdfunding: the practice of soliciting financial contributions from a large number of people esp. from the online community
  • freegan: an activist who scavenges for free food (as in waste receptacles at stores and restaurants) as a means of reducing consumption of resources
  • gamification: the process of adding game or gamelike elements to something (as a task) so as to encourage participation
  • selfie: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera esp. for posting on social networks
  • hashtag: a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that clarifies or categorizes the accompanying text (such as a tweet)
  • tweep: a person who uses the Twitter online message service to send and receive tweets
  • unfriend: to remove (someone) from a list of designated friends on a person’s social networking website

(If you have never seen the Essurance commercial about “unfriending” please watch. IT IS AWESOME! –

  • hot spot: a place where a wireless Internet connection is available
  • spoiler alert: a reviewer’s warning that a plot spoiler is about to be revealed
  • steampunk: science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology
  • fangirl: a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something


So, how many of these words did you know?

I Need Your VOTE!

No, I am not running for public office or anything like that but I still need your VOTE!

I love baseball! I grew up playing it through my entire childhood and into my teenage years. I believe that the Opening Day of baseball should be a National Holiday (they are actually working on this – AWESOME!).

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.15.33 PMThis morning my wife surprised me for my birthday by entering me into a contest to be able to throw out the first pitch at a Chattanooga Lookouts game (AA affiliate for the Los Angeles Dodgers).

Here is where I need your help. I need for you to follow the link below and cast your vote for me. If I get the most votes, then I will be able to throw out the first pitch at the Lookouts game on Friday, May 23.

When you follow the link, you will have to “LIKE” the page of EPB (Chattanooga’s Electric Power Board) but once you vote, you can always unlike the page!

Again, be sure to click on the picture of Cara, Jenna & myself and then vote.

Thank you all very much!



I Need Your Help!

marchmadnessI know that I just finished the Christmas Movie Madness but it is already February and March is right around the corner. I started the polling two years ago in March to go along with March Madness and I would like to do it again.

Here is where I need your help! I need your suggestions on what to vote on. What thing, place, object, person would make for a good March Madness poll.

Leave your suggestions below in the comments section or either email me or text me. When you are thinking about your suggestion, remember that there needs to be at least 16 of whatever you are thinking about so that we can have the top 16.

Once I have heard a lot of your suggestions, then I will pick a topic and unveil the schedule of nominations and voting.

Got it? Great – not start suggesting below!