Points To Ponder – July 7, 2017

Points To Ponder

Disclaimer: These are articles or blog post that I have found interesting over the past few weeks. This does not mean that I agree with each and every point.


by Katie McCoy – Radical Blog

While Scripture teaches that God has given the responsibility of the pastoral role to men (1 Timothy 2:12; 3:1-13, Titus 1:6-9),[1]  there are a myriad of meaningful ministries for women. Unfortunately, many women culture mistakenly associate being “out front” or “in charge” with being more valuable. However, when we shift our focus away from the few roles God has reserved for men, we’ll find that the ministries available to women are part of the lifeblood of a local church’s witness to the world.

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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches

by FoxNews Insider – The Story with Martha MacCallum

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants his social network to fill the role that churches and social clubs once did in communities.

During a speech at the first Facebook Communities Summit last week, Zuckerberg said membership in all kinds of groups has declined in the last several decades.

“That’s a lot of of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else,” Zuckerberg said, promoting Facebook’s large community-support groups as a substitute.

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Raising Kids Who Love God and Serve Others (Audio)

By Dr. Joshua Straub – Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

So often we feel alone as parents. But we aren’t supposed to do it alone. Raising kids who love God and love others doesn’t have to be filled with shame. We don’t have to fear that we’re somehow messing them up. In this episode, we break down Proverbs 22:6, and how we can raise our children “in the way.”

Leading our children in “the way,” is about the environment we raise them in. Which is why we created a community called TwentyTwoSix.  A way to connect with our kids at a heart level. Without needing to add anything more to our already busy day, we lay out content for the four key times of the day prescribed by Moses–morning prayers, drive-time games, dinnertime stories, and bedtime questions.

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Video: Francis Chan: Why I Left The Megachurch I Created

Do you have any blog post, videos or articles that you have found interesting? Leave a comment below with the link and I’ll take a look at them.

Points To Ponder – June 24, 2017

Points To Ponder

Disclaimer: These are articles or blog post that I have found interesting over the past few weeks. This does not mean that I agree with each and every point.

Fathers, Direct Your Kids Toward that Which Matters – Part 1

by Casey Lewis

A couple of years ago, I came across an article put out by Desiring God entitled: Dad’s Write in Your Bible. The article was written by Jonathan Parnell, who is a pastor in Minneapolis. In the article, he picks up on the idea that our time in God’s Word and prayer not only benefit us but those around us. That’s because God’s Word transforms us into a river of living water that flows from us to our friends, family, co-workers, and community.

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How to Defend Your Faith Without Being a Jerk

by Drew Dyck (Boundless)

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

So there I am, a sophomore in college, half asleep in my 9 a.m. Philosophy 101 class. Half asleep, that is, until the professor’s lecture takes a sudden turn from Kant to Christianity.

“Jesus didn’t want people to worship him,” he informs the class. “Paul introduced that idea much later. Most people don’t realize that Paul invented Christianity.”

A few moments pass as I chew on the professor’s foray into theology. I’m a Christian. I should say something. I raise my hand.

“That’s an interesting perspective about Paul,” I say. “But I have a question. Before Paul accepted Jesus, he traveled from city to city to persecute members of the early Christian movement. He put Christians in prison. He even had some killed.”

“What’s your point?” the professor asks, looking a little annoyed.

“How could Paul spend years of his life persecuting members of a religion that he supposedly invented?”

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Don’t Assume Anything When Sharing The Gospel With Mormons

By Kyle Beshears

Talking about your faith with a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) can be challenging. An evangelical friend recently told me about such a conversation. “I know that we hold different beliefs, but you couldn’t tell that from our conversation.” I asked her what she meant. “Well, I asked him if Mormons believe that salvation is by grace alone. He actually agreed! But I thought they believe in a works-based salvation.” She concluded that he was lying.

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Points To Ponder – February 21, 2017

Points To Ponder

God Is Working in Your Waiting

by: Desiring God

Most parents would agree that their children don’t want to wait for anything. The last thing kids want to hear is Mom say, “Not now.” It can prompt anger, frustration, even hopelessness. This “dis-ease” of waiting follows most of us into our adult years. We may not respond with the same emotional outbursts as children, but most of us still hate waiting for what we want.

And our modern society just makes it worse. We want everything done quickly — and new devices constantly spring up to meet those demands and encourage our impatience. We are not used to waiting, and the more our technology caters to our immediate desires, the less we feel willing to wait.

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Five Ways To Start A Conversation With A Women Considering An Abortion

by: Radical

We know that abortion is wrong. We know we must defend the unborn. But when we’re face-to-face with a woman who is considering an abortion, we don’t always know what to say. Here are five ways to start a conversation with her:

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The Importance of Worshipping When You Don’t Feel Like It

by: Lauren Bruce (Brentwood-Benson)

“I hate this song, so I’m just not going to sing.”

“I can’t lead others in worship when I’m not worshipping.”

I have said both of these things on more than one occasion. And you know what? God still lets me worship Him. I’m still allowed in the throne room. Believe me, if there was a tolerance for how many times you can say or think something stupid, I would’ve been thrown out years ago.

I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, especially in the heat of the moment. If something happens to make me angry or upset two minutes before church starts, I might as well sit in the lobby.

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Why Christians Should Fight for the Religious Liberties of False Religions

by: Russell Moore & The Gospel Coalition

Disclaimer: These are articles or blog post that I have found interesting over the past few weeks. This does not mean that I agree with each and every point.

Points to Ponder – January 12, 2017

Points To Ponder

Right and Wrong Approaches to Countering Culture

by Radical

When some Christians hear about countering culture, they resonate with the idea that we need to take a stand against certain sins in our day—materialism, sexual immorality, a disdain for human life, etc. Other Christians hear about countering culture and they worry that it’s a call to put up your fists, vote for a certain political candidate, or become antagonistic toward your unbelieving neighbors. Sometimes the difference between these two groups can be seen in whether one views the culture as the enemy or as the mission field.

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How Youth Like Me Learn Expressive Individualism

by The Gospel Coalition

Kids today are growing up in a compulsively connected world. Information is incessant, smartphones are ubiquitous, and with a click or a tap young people have 24/7 access to a never-ending digital conversation.

Of course, such connectivity comes at a cost. Much of this information is pumped out by an agenda-driven media with a message of their own—a message that sounds good, nice even, but is inherently poisonous. It is becoming louder, stronger, and constant. And young people are drinking it in.

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Why Do We Give Up On Bible Reading?

by Desiring God

So you’ve committed to reading the Bible again this year. Praise God.

Maybe this is something new for you, one of your resolutions for the New Year. Or maybe you’re a seasoned, veteran reader, just hoping to maintain the patterns God has blessed over many years now.

However much or little you have read in the past, though, will not change what’s going to happen soon, probably even sometime in the next week. Maybe it’s happened already. You’ll sit down for your time in the word, spend half an hour in Genesis or Deuteronomy or Psalms or Romans, close the book, and have no idea what to do with what you just read.

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How Well To You Know Your Hymns? (A Quiz)

by Tim Challies

As Christians, we are blessed with a long legacy of great hymns. As contemporary Christians, we are blessed with many modern-day hymn writers who are carrying on the art. So how well do you know your hymns and their authors? This little quiz is designed to find out!

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If you take the Hymn quiz, please come back and leave a comment on just how well you did! 

Points To Ponder – December 16, 2016

Points To Ponder

5 Easy Holiday Traditions – [A Man’s Guide]

By: Kris Dolberry

When I was 9 years old, my parents decided to take a weekend trip to the Smokey Mountains in early December. Needless to say, it stuck. Over the years grandparents, extended family, and friends have made the trip with us. Now 28 years later, our weekend trip to the Smokies has become one of the great highlights of the year for my kids, and ushers the Christmas season into full swing for us.

Traditions are important. They can be significant spiritual markers for your family. And, the holidays are a great time to start. Here are a few easy ideas:

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The Bible In America: 6-Year Trends

by: Barna Group

With over 5 billion copies sold, the Bible remains earth’s most-read book. But the world in which we read and engage with the Bible is rapidly changing. The steady rise of skepticism is creating a cultural atmosphere that is becoming unfriendly to claims of faith; the adoption of self-fulfillment as our culture’s ultimate measure of good is re-orienting moral authority; and the explosive growth of digital tools such as Bible apps, daily reading plans, study resources and online communities offer unprecedented access to the Scriptures.

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Why We Should Pray For All People, Including our Leaders?

by: Casey Lewis

I have talked about prayer in my last two posts, specifically for whom we should pray and what it takes for us to be able to pray for all people. If you haven’t read those two posts, I encourage you to do so. Today I’m going to end the series by providing motivation to pray.

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The Broken Places

by: Reba Bowman

In Ernest Hemingway’s, A Farewell to Arms, there is a quote that has always struck a chord with me,

“The world breaks everyone, and afterwards many are strong in the broken places.”

There is nothing romantic about brokenness. No poetry or fancy words can dress it’s ugliness up to an acceptable level. We fight against it with every fiber of our being and we pray that it never reaches our door. But it does.

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Points To Ponder – October 31

Points To Ponder

First of all – HAPPY REFORMATION DAY! Here are several articles that I have found interesting and thought-provoking over the past week.

Christian Voters Guide

Before people start to send me emails or text about who I should or should not vote for and why, I am posting this link for people to find out more information about candidates and issues before you go to the polls. This is not an endorsement for any one person or party.

Go to Christianvoterguide.com

Dear Nichole Nordeman 

by Sheologians

Preface: Please take the time to watch the video at the top of the “Dear Nichole Nordeman” article. It is a response to Jen Hatmaker’s recent interview.

I don’t know who you are, but my producer alerted me to the fact that you had commented on my video, and that I should definitely read it. You sound like a very busy, talented woman, so I just want to say thank you for taking the time to watch my video and respond. You spent a lot of time and effort in responding, and I would like to do you the same courtesy here. You said:

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Cracks At The Bottom

by Tim Challies

San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is in trouble. The 58-story tower is home to some of the city’s wealthiest people, its apartments among the most expensive and desirable in the city. But recently its residents have begun to notice some troubling issues. Engineers who studied the building have been alarmed to find it has sunk 16 inches in the 7 years since it was built. Not only that, but it has developed a 2-inch lean at the bottom which translates to a 6-inch lean at the top. Not surprisingly, the tower’s residents are more than a little concerned.

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The Key Life Skills Parents Should Be Teaching Their Children

by Sarah Hamaker

Over a Thanksgiving dinner our family hosted last fall with four international students from George Mason University, a female graduate student from Peru recounted her experiences as a resident assistant in a freshman dorm. “I had students coming to me with no idea how to do laundry,” she said. “I had to hold their hands through the simplest things.”

That anecdote is not unusual these days. Colleges and employers alike are reporting that young people can’t do life’s most basic tasks. With all of our emphasis on academics and what it takes to get into college, essential life skills, such as how to do laundry, balance a checking account or cook a meal, have been overlooked.

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