Worship Wednesday – “Psalm 23”

Today’s Worship Wednesday song, entitled Psalm 23, comes from Shane & Shane. These guys have a passion to worship the Lord with their voices and their lives. They are considered modern day hymn writers and have some incredible songs that they have written and produced. You can find all of their music, as well as more, located here – Shane & Shane Music.

Today’s song is taken straight from scripture – Psalm 23! The first verse says,

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

In green pastures He makes me lie down

He restores my soul and leads me on for His Name for His great Name

Surely goodness surely mercy

Right beside me all my days

And I will dwell in Your house forever

And bless Your Holy Name

It is so reassuring to know that no matter what we may be going through, if we are a child of God, then He is always there with us. That is what his name means – Emmanuel – “God WITH us”!

I hope you enjoy today’s Worship Wednesday song! I would love to hear if you have any suggestions for Worship Wednesday songs. If so, leave a comment below.

Worship Wednesdays – “Yearn”

Worship Wednesdays Banner

I am going to start a new weekly posting on Wednesday mornings entitled “Worship Wednesdays”. I know that Wednesdays are hard and sometimes get a bad wrap. I also understand that sometimes we just need to be encouraged and music is a great way of helping us keep our thoughts and minds focus on Jesus.

The “Worship Wednesdays” post will be songs of all kinds. I understand that not everyone’s taste is the same and I am going to keep that in mind when I select these songs. There will be some old favorites and then some new songs as well. I would like to have your input as well, so if you would like to suggest a song then please leave a comment below.

Our very first “Worship Wednesday” song comes from the group Shane & Shane entitled “Yearn”. The Bible tells us in Psalms 107:9, “For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things”.

The chorus goes like this,

Lord, I want to yearn for You
I want to burn with passion
Over You, and only You

Lord, I want to yearn for You
I want to burn with passion
Over You, and only You
Lord, I want to yearn

Are you yearning for Jesus each and every day? I sure hope I can say that and I sure hope you can as well. I also hope that this encourages you to worship Jesus!

Enjoy “Yearn” by Shane & Shane.