Points To Ponder – October 31

Points To Ponder

First of all – HAPPY REFORMATION DAY! Here are several articles that I have found interesting and thought-provoking over the past week.

Christian Voters Guide

Before people start to send me emails or text about who I should or should not vote for and why, I am posting this link for people to find out more information about candidates and issues before you go to the polls. This is not an endorsement for any one person or party.

Go to Christianvoterguide.com

Dear Nichole Nordeman 

by Sheologians

Preface: Please take the time to watch the video at the top of the “Dear Nichole Nordeman” article. It is a response to Jen Hatmaker’s recent interview.

I don’t know who you are, but my producer alerted me to the fact that you had commented on my video, and that I should definitely read it. You sound like a very busy, talented woman, so I just want to say thank you for taking the time to watch my video and respond. You spent a lot of time and effort in responding, and I would like to do you the same courtesy here. You said:

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Cracks At The Bottom

by Tim Challies

San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is in trouble. The 58-story tower is home to some of the city’s wealthiest people, its apartments among the most expensive and desirable in the city. But recently its residents have begun to notice some troubling issues. Engineers who studied the building have been alarmed to find it has sunk 16 inches in the 7 years since it was built. Not only that, but it has developed a 2-inch lean at the bottom which translates to a 6-inch lean at the top. Not surprisingly, the tower’s residents are more than a little concerned.

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The Key Life Skills Parents Should Be Teaching Their Children

by Sarah Hamaker

Over a Thanksgiving dinner our family hosted last fall with four international students from George Mason University, a female graduate student from Peru recounted her experiences as a resident assistant in a freshman dorm. “I had students coming to me with no idea how to do laundry,” she said. “I had to hold their hands through the simplest things.”

That anecdote is not unusual these days. Colleges and employers alike are reporting that young people can’t do life’s most basic tasks. With all of our emphasis on academics and what it takes to get into college, essential life skills, such as how to do laundry, balance a checking account or cook a meal, have been overlooked.

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Christmas Movie Madness Rules and Schedule

Screenshot 2013-10-17 12.05.21Here is how the Christmas Movie Madness will work, beginning on November 4, you will have almost three weeks (20 days) to nominate your favorite Christmas movie. You can nominate the same movie or a different movie once a day for the 20 days. Once the nomination period is over, I will tally the nominations and then proceed to place them in a 16 team bracket. The movie that received the most nominations during the 20 day period will receive the top spot (#1). The movie with the second most nominations will receive the #2 spot and so on until we reach #16.

Then the real fun begins. On November 25, 2013, the brackets will be revealed and the voting begins. The polls will be only open from Monday – Friday but you can vote one time per day during this period. Once the first week is over, the following Monday will be the unveiling of the 8 movies that were left standing.

The Christmas Movie Madness schedule will be as follows:

  • November 4 – 24: Nomination of movies (one nomination per day is allowed)
  • November 25 – 29: 16 team brackets revealed & voting begins
  • December 2 – 6: The Elite 8 team brackets revealed & voting begins
  • December 9 – 13: The Final 4 team brackets revealed & voting begins
  • December 16 – 20: The Championship Round (2 remaining) will be revealed & voting begins
  • December 25: The Winner of the Christmas Movie Madness will be revealed

So don’t forget:

  1. Nominations begin November 4, 2013
  2. Nominate your favorite movie every day for 20 days
  3. Top 16 teams will be placed in a 16 team bracket
  4. The first round of voting begins November 25, 2013

Christmas Music Madness

Back in March of this year, I held a Music March Madness on my blog to correspond with the college basketball “big dance” NCAA Tournament. I asked for nominations from my viewers of their favorite Christian songs. After several weeks of nominations, the brackets were set and the voting began.

One by one, favorite songs fell and others rose until ultimately we crowned “Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone” as the champion.

With Christmas right around the corner, I started thinking about what are people’s favorite Christmas songs. So, I have decided to have a Christmas version of my Music March Madness to see what my viewers favorite Christmas songs would be.

Beginning November 12, and going until November 24, you will be able to nominate your favorite Christmas song by visiting my blog and submitting your song. This can be your favorite secular or non-secular song, but you can only nominate one song per day. If you want to nominate the same song each day while the nominations are open, then that is fine by me, or you can nominate a new song each day.

After the nominations are closed, I will tally the votes and the song with the most nominations will be placed in the #1 spot. The song with the least amount of votes will be placed in the #16 spot. #1 will go against #16, #2 will be battle #15 and so on.

On November 26, the brackets will be revealed and the voting will begin. The rounds will be laid out as follows:

  • The Sweet 16: Nov 26th – Dec 1
  • The Elite 8: Dec 3 – Dec 8
  • The Final Four: Dec 10 – Dec 15
  • The Finals: Dec 17 – Dec 22
  • Dec 25: The champion is crowned!

So, quick review – from Nov 12 – Nov 24, you can submit one song per day of your favorite Christmas song (be sure to come back each day). After nominations are closed and tallied, the brackets will be set and the voting will being on Nov 26th. You can then vote for your song one time each day. The song with the most votes will move on to the next round until we have eliminated all of the songs except one – the winner!


In everyone’s life, there are things they are very passionate about. Whether that is sports, their work, their retirement or anything else, they are passionate about it. One of those things for me is the opportunity to VOTE!

It is our right as American citizens to have a say in what goes on in Washington, in our state and in our own backyard. I have a big problem with people are want to complain about the direction of our country but are not willing to go and vote. They say that don’t have time or they don’t know who to vote for or even worse – they just don’t care!

Good people, very good people have given their lives for us to be able to let our voices be heard! I am asking everyone to please do your homework and then vote! It does not matter if you are voting Republican or even Democrat, just get out and vote!